12 February 2009

a thousand and one dates: sushi and starlight

a thousand and one dates is a feature telling the story of a young woman dating in the world of 21st century academia.

On Sunday, while drinking coffee downtown with S1, I received an email from S2, also from speed dating. I was thrilled; of all eight guys I met that night, this was the one I had clicked with the most. That, and he's absolutely adorable.

The original plan was to grab coffee one evening this week. However, when he realized I would be coming straight from work, he suggested we grab dinner instead. When he asked if sushi was okay, I was in seventh heaven -- talk about an adventurous palate! Not even Mishi eats sushi! After a long day at the office, topped off by an even longer meeting, dinner with a cute boy sounded wonderful.

And...it was. We shared a wonderful dinner -- he shares my taste for eel -- and wonderful conversation. The setup of the restaurant meant that we were able to sit near one another without seeming sketchy. When the time came to pay, he wouldn't even hear of my paying for my half. Considering we're all but strangers, I was pretty impressed.

Then, just when it was the most wonderful, it was over. It was not as abrupt as it sounds -- when dinner was over, he walked me home, even though it was two miles out of his way. Unlike with S1, there were no awkward silences stretching on without end. For this reason, it may be good that the date ended when it did, leaving us both wanting more.

Grade: A

Prospects: God only knows. I'm now reliving every moment of the night, hoping he enjoyed it as much as I did, worrying that I somehow sent an incorrect signal. Here's hoping I hear from him again.

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  1. So what happened with this dude? I did internet dating.