08 February 2009

a thousand and one dates: coffee on a sunny winter day

a thousand and one dates is a feature telling the story of a young woman dating in the world of 21st century academia

There are very few feelings in life better than rolling over on a Sunday morning in mid-February after a week of blustery winds and catching the distinct scent of spring in the air. When this scent and the ray of sunlight coming through your window also mean that you can wear a silky top and pashmina instead of a bulky coat and mittens for your coffee date with a new boy, all the better.

After seeing Mishi off on the train in the not-so-early morning hours and catching another four hours of sleep on my couch, I donned my pre-planned, casual-but-not-too-casual outfit and headed off for the first in my marathon series of Valentine's week dates.

First impressions count, and S's was certainly above average. Showing up my characteristic 5 minutes early, S managed to be there even earlier. Ms. B will be very happy to know that the first sight I had as I walked up to the coffee shop was him looking adoringly at the dogs lined up on the sidewalk with their owners. Two coffees later (dutch treat), we headed for the tables outside the public library to continue our 3-minute conversation from a few days ago.

For the first forty-five minutes or so, all went well; each of us asking questions, each answering, no awkward silences. After this, though, things were a bit rough. As the silences grew, my desire to fill them with inane chatter did as well. Because I usually find myself on dates with friends or friends of friends, the idea of carrying on a conversation with someone I know not at all was daunting and nerve-wracking, to say the least. Finally, we managed to agree that it had grown cold and that the time to leave had come. In spite of the fact that it required walking across campus from his office -- where he was headed to work -- he chivalrously walked me nearly all the way home.

Pieces of clothing purchased for this date: 1, ivory silk cap-sleeve J.Crew top

Grade: Solid B, maybe higher if we take into account the fact that it was a first date with a complete stranger.

Prospects: At this point, I'm putting the odds at 50/50 for a callback, possibly improved by my acknowlegement of my tendency to chatter nervously as we parted and the walk home.

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  1. I am glad he liked dogs. That shows a lot of character.