09 February 2009

couch to 5k: week two

This week, the intervals continued and extended: 90 seconds of running followed by two minutes of walking. Though somewhat more challenging than Week 1, I felt the effort more in my legs than in my lungs which, for me, is impressive, to say the least.

Workout 1: During my first workout of the week, I learned a very important lesson, indeed: NEVER have a big meal before a run. In fact, I would argue that one shouldn't eat much of anything before running. A dinner of onion soup, cheese fries, and chicken? A very bad idea, if I do say so myself. Other than the desire to be sick all over my treadmill, the run was fine.

Workout 2: Another day of learning. Shoes? They're important. Good shoes, that fit your feet and don't have worn out soles? Really, really important. Using your old gym shoes from 8th grade? Very, very, very bad idea. Especially if you don't want to end up with an enormous blister working its way under your big toe. The day after this run, as I took myself down to The Running Company and got myself fitted into a real pair of running shoes. They may have cost a bit, but my feet were very grateful come Friday. I also forgot my water. Again.

Workout 3: And the week of learning continues. Stretching? Turns out that's ALSO important. 12 minutes into the 20 minute run, my legs -- specifically, the right tibialis anterior -- were cramping like you wouldn't believe. Ironically, the pain was worst while walking. An investigation of the Wikipedia article on shin splints may reveal the reason: the tibialis anterior is used to bend your foot up. Though my running style keeps my feet flat or even slightly pointed (I tend to run on the balls of my feet), my walking generally involves more upward bending of the foot and heel contact with the treadmill. I'm going to try to do better warm-up walks and stretches this week in the hopes that the pain will go away. If it doesn't, I might need to consult with a trainer about my form, which would suck. A lot.

Grade for the week: B, but I learned a lot that should be useful for the future.


  1. Gym shoes from the 8th grade? GOOD job. :P

  2. Hey, at least it only took me a week and a half to cough up the money for a new pair. Say, how's your non-existent bed?